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Girls Caught Stealing and Deserves Punishment

Bad girls caught doing dirty things and deserves a good punishment to understand and remember what they should not do anymore. This sexy young chick caught stealing underwear right in the shop. Seller is not wasting time calling police and decides to give a good lesson and punish this bad girls by himself.

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School Girl Spanked for Bad Grades

Young girls sometimes forget their studies when they becomes popular among classmates and are invited on their first dates. It time to remind them that there is something more important that dates and other entertainments. They need a good lesson – good punishment!

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Office Idler Needs a Good Punishment

This girls works in the office for a long time. And once again she is caught by her boss chatting in the Net with her friend instead of doing her official duties. Angry boss decides to punish his employee with a good spanking!

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